Business Philosophy:
Innovation is our consistent aspire, the innovation we pursue is not the traditional one, but the one from the project itself, mining project characteristic, through the logic reasoning of space and human behavior, finally obtain "the only solution", rather than the generally use of the "ecological" "people-oriented" as an empty concept in industry.
Service Advantage:
Good technical ability, excellent concepts and outstanding program need advanced technical support, landscape emphasis the detail design for near contact, including stone specifications selection requires reasonable and economical, patchwork and chamfer edge process, tree species choice and sense of hierarchy reflect in plant design .
Excellent project management: design industry is part of service industry, quality services provide is our prerequisite for our survival and development. Project management is the embodiment of design services, with specification, rigorous, professional attitude toward each segment of project.


  • Landscape Design of Jiading New Town
  • 山东青岛清华科创慧谷孵化园景观设计
  • Henan Jiaozuo BoaimingyuanXintiandi Landscape Design